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Frances Goodrum

Campaigns Director (Maternity Cover)

Oceana Staff

Frances joined Oceana in the UK as Campaigns Director (Maternity Cover) in June 2024.

Frances is a senior campaigning professional in the charity sector.  Most recently she led IFAW UK’s efforts to call on political stakeholders to act on animal welfare and conservation, with a focus on wildlife crime issues.

Frances has previously overseen external affairs and campaigning work at Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, Dogs Trust and World Animal Protection, working across boundaries to challenge damaging trades that impact our planet. Frances has written for global journals with a focus on One Health and the UN sustainable development agenda. She loves writing copy to help others understand the intrinsic value animals have in our world and how political priorities interconnect.

From a young age Frances has been passionate about nature, volunteering for wildlife organisations ahead of starting her career. Outside of work Frances is a trustee for an equality charity and enjoys dog walks with family and outdoor swimming.