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Social Media Community Guidelines


These guidelines are in place to create a safe environment on all our social media channels.

We are a small team and our social media channels cannot be monitored continually, so we cannot guarantee an immediate response to comments and messages. Note you can also send feedback to our enquiries inbox, OceanaUK@oceana.org.

We’re working hard to build positive communities who champion our objectives and retain the right to monitor and moderate our social media pages. We welcome constructive feedback and healthy debate, but we’ll remove comments and block the accounts of those who share content that we consider to be:

  • Abusive or threatening
  • Offensive
  • Inciting hate
  • Obscene, defamatory or insulting
  • Unlawful (for example: defamatory, fraudulent or in violation of intellectual property rights)
  • Purposefully deceptive
  • Contrary to the fulfillment of our charitable objectives.

If we feel you’re breaking the guidelines of the social media provider, we’ll also flag your account as inappropriate to the relevant social media network.